Monday, June 1, 2009

Soap Box Racers Sing This Song, Do-Dah, Do-Dah!

Waynesboro’s first Soap Box Derby was held on May 23, 1961, with the cars running down Main Street Hill. At that time, only boys were allowed to participate. The 2009 Blue Ridge Soap Box Derby Classic was held on May 30 on the same Main Street Hill.

While occasionally threatening rain, the weather held and the race ran all morning and afternoon.

Racers hit speeds close to 30 mph. Holding steady, the goal was to reach the finish line ahead of the other driver and not run into the hay bales lining the street.

Winners of the race will move on to Akron, Ohio and the All American Soap Box Derby in July.

Winners of the 2009 Blue Ridge Soap Box Derby Classic are:

Suburban Stock Car Division: Drew White, Metro Stock Car Division: Kyleigh Myhre, Suburban Super Stock Car Division: Joe Kaminski, Metro Super Stock Car Division: Johnny Wheaton

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