Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rivers, Roads, Rails, & Wings: Waynesboro Riverfest 2009

A baby Rock Bass freshly borrowed from the South River and on display in the Riverfest tent. The staff environmentalists will return him to his home at the end of the day. Riverfest event is held annually in Constitution Park, on the land beside South River where the old Gardner's Mill used to stand.
A female crayfish, with her tail curled under to protect her egg mass, approaches a baby Rock Bass to nip at his tail. She was unsuccessful.
The "Stream Safari" offers kids a chance to wade into the river and investigate different life forms under the watchful, instructive eye of environmental experts.
A small replica of a Native American bark house sits next to a monitor connected to underwater cameras reveal the life under the surface of the South River.

Held on April 25, 2009 to celebrate the interdependence of the South River and the city and to promote “environmental conservation and watershed stewardship in the Shenandoah River basin,” Riverfest features exhibits, an art competition, music, canoeing, and a “stream safari.”

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